Bamboo - a sustainable alternative

Facts about bamboo!


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. According to the Guinness Book of Records, it can grow up to 90 cm in one day, can be harvested for the first time after 3-5 years and is fully grown after a maximum of 7 years. The plant grows back without replanting and can be harvested every year. Moreover, it grows without the help of fertilisers, even on nutrient-poor grounds....


Why are we so interested?

As shared on our social media channels, the first shipment of our new Hempur brand has arrived! After the delivery, the toilet paper rolls are being prepared for shipment to our customers and will soon be available in Rossmann shops in Germany. And soon the cosmetic tissues too!


The products are 100% bamboo, super soft, unbleached and sustainable. Great, isn't it?

DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb celebrates 70th anniversary

Founded as a “drug wholesaler” in 1946 DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb was able to remain an inherent part of the small and medium sized businesses in Bad Pyrmont. Today, DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb stands for strong brands, a rapid company development and a close bond to the city of Bad Pyrmont.

In the last decades, the development of the company has been very dynamic: Development from wholesaler to brand distributor, gain of new, strong brands, a marketing department in Hamburg as well as a new, modern corporate identity. DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb has remained true to its core values and thus is known for its local engagement, a familiar working atmosphere and a professional service for its customers and business partners.

This year, we proudly celebrate these achievements as well as our dynamic history with our 70th company anniversary.

Faster Higher Stronger

DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb receives P&G Award for best business development

The Geneva P&G Business unit GDM (Global Development Markets) managing the distributor business in EIMEA (Europe, India, Middle-East and Africe) for various P&G brands with around 200 distributors, annually honours its especially successful partners.

DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb is responsible for the management of the Procter & Gamble brands Old Spice as well as parts of the Mr. Proper assortment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the past fiscal year, they showed the best performance of all distributors by gaining the strongest growth of market shares and best fulfilment of the P&G criteria for successful Shopper Marketing.

Above that, the best organisational structure towards market trends of DMV has been rewarded by P&G that has lately been adapted to the growing meaning of the online business.

The extraordinary performance towards all criteria led to an overall success for the Bad Pyrmont company leaving the other distributors behind.