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Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

1. Content of the Internet site (“Site”)

The author assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the up-to-dateness, accuracy, completeness, or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author, which pertain to damage of a material or non-material type caused by the use or non-use of the information presented, or by the use of faulty and incomplete information, are generally precluded, so long as no demonstrably intentional or grossly negligent fault is present on the part of the author.

The above disclaimer also applies to the benefit of legal representatives and vicarious agents of the provider, so long as the user enforces claims against them. Excepted from the above-designated disclaimer of liability are claims for compensatory damages due to injury to life, limb, and health, and claims for compensatory damages arising from breach of essential contractual obligations. Essential contractual obligations are those, the fulfilment of which is necessary for attaining the goals of the contractual relationship.

All content is subject to change and is non-binding. The author expressly reserves the right, without special announcement, to change, to supplement or to delete parts of the pages or the entire site, or to terminate the publication temporarily or conclusively.

In case you suspect that one of your proprietary rights is being infringed by the Site, please report this promptly, e.g., by electronic mail, so that a solution can be found rapidly. Please duly note: the more time-consuming involvement of a lawyer for a warning, for which the service provider is obligated to assume the costs, does not fulfil its actual or presumed intentions.

2. References and Links

For the direct or indirect reference to third-party websites ("hyperlinks")which lie outside the author’s area of responsibility, a liability obligation enters into force solely in the case in which the author has knowledge of the content and in which it would be technically possible and reasonable to expect him to prevent usage in the case of unlawful content. The author herewith expressly declares that at the point in time of the creation of the link, no illegal content were recognisable on the sites to be linked. The author has no influence whatsoever upon the current and future design, content or authorship of the sites to be linked. Therefore, he hereby distances himself expressly from all content of all linked sites which were changed after the creation of the link. This determination applies for all links placed on his own Site, and for all references, as well as for third-party entries in the guest books established by the author, as well as discussion forums, indices of links, mailing lists, and in all other forms of data bases, whose content third parties are able to edit. Illegal, faulty or incomplete content and particularly for damages which arise from the use or non-use of such types of information presented are solely subject to the liability of the provider of the site which was referred to, not the provider who solely refers through links to the respective publication.

3. Authorship and Trademark Law

The author seeks to respect copyrights of the pictures, graphics, sound recordings, video sequences and texts used, and to use pictures, graphics, sound recordings, video sequences and texts created by him, or to fall back upon licence-free graphics, sound recordings, video sequences and texts.

All trademarks and brand names named on the Site, and, as applicable, protected by third parties, are subject without limitation to the provisions of each valid trademark law and to the title rights of the respective registered holder. The conclusion is not to be drawn, solely by reason of the mere mentioning, that brand names are not protected by the rights of third parties!

The copyright for published objects created by the author himself remains solely with the author of the pages. A duplication or use of such graphics, sound recordings, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express consent of the author.

4. Data Protection

The protection of personal data is guaranteed within the scope of legal regulations.

Your IP address is stored when you use the contact form. In this case, the following are recorded: the name of the file accessed, the date and the hour of the access, the quantity of data transmitted, a report of a successful access, as well as the type of web browser used. In addition, the IP addresses of the computer making the enquiry are recorded.

The registration of accesses takes place for reasons of data security, and to guarantee the stability and operational safety of our system, and to protect it against possible external attacks (spam e-mails).

Moreover, the data are statistically evaluated for optimising the Site. The data saved in the records can, apart from that, be assigned to no particular person. Apart therefrom, the data serve exclusively internal purposes and are in no case forwarded to third parties.

More extensive personal data are recorded only if you voluntarily provide these data, e.g., within the scope of the contact form. There, only the necessary data are recorded. These data, as well, are recorded and processed only in a purpose-related manner, and will in no case be forwarded to external third parties.

Our Site uses cookies. These are small data files which are transmitted from the webserver to your browser, and are sent along by it with every accessing of a new site. We employ cookies for technical reasons, in order to enable you to have convenient access to the content. The use of our content is, generally, also possible without cookies. Most browsers are set in such a way that they automatically accept cookies. You can, however, deactivate the storage of cookies, or set your browser in such a way that it will notify you once cookies are sent. In this case, you can decide for yourself whether this cookie should be accepted or not.

Moreover, you can generally use this Site without disclosure of personal information. Personal information refers to data which can be used to disclose your identity, e.g. your name, your address, your telephone number, and e-mail address.

Insofar as personal data of that type are made available, we shall use these only in a purpose-related manner, for example, for answering your inquiries and for technical administration.

Apart from that, your personal data will neither be forwarded to third parties nor transmitted in any other manner.

5. Legal Effectiveness of the Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

The content of the above-mentioned disclaimer and limitation of liability is to be considered as part of the Site, from which reference was made to this page. Inasmuch as parts or individual formulations of this text should not, no longer, or do not completely correspond to the applicable legal reqirements, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and in their validity.

Updated: 06.05.2013

Data Protection Statement


We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Therefore, we have taken a range of technical and organisational measures which ensure we follow the legal directives on data protection.

This data protection statement shows how we at DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb handle personal data with regard to use of the online service (website and social media profile):

  1. Use of the online service

1.1. Fundamentally, our online service can be used without prior registration and without entering personal data. Where you visit our internet sites in social networks such as “Facebook” and wish to contact us via these, prior registration with the social network or service in question may be required. In this case, collection, processing and use of your personal data will only be carried out on the basis of the data protection directives of the social network or service in question, over which we have no influence. Any transfer of your personal data from us to the social network, or vice versa, will only be carried out on the basis of the regulations below.

1.2. Where you provide personal data (such as name, address or email address) to us via our website, by email, or any other communication channels (e.g. blog entries, Facebook posts), this is always on a voluntary basis.

In this case, when you submit your personal data, you consent to collection, processing and use of your data for the purpose identifiably associated with your data input. This consent can be withdrawn at any time, effective for the future. This withdrawal can either be made in writing to DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Dieselstrasse 3-7, 31812 Bad Pyrmont, or by email to datenschutz@dmv-py.de.

We only collect, process and use your personal data to process your enquiry (for example with reference to complaints, despatch of information material) or for your comments on the services, and always considering the applicable data protection directives.

1.3. All personal data is treated confidentially and can only be accessed by authorised employees of DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG. In addition, this data will not be passed on to any third parties without your explicit permission, unless we are obliged to do so due to a legal ruling. DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG will not transfer your personal data to any country outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. 

1.4. Once the purpose of collection and storage of your data has lapsed, we will immediately delete this data, where justifiable reasons as defined in the applicable legal regulations do not contradict this.

1.5. Moreover, we would like to point out that data is frequently transferred via the internet (e.g. in email communication) in an insecure manner, and therefore there may be shortcomings in security, which mean the data could be acquired by unauthorised persons or falsified.

1.6 Contact data published on our website or other websites may not be used to send requested advertising, information materials, chain letters, spam or similar which has not been explicitly requested. We reserve the express right to take legal action in the event of unsolicited promotional information, such as spam emails being sent.

  1. Cookies

On our website, we do not use any cookies which allow us to track your actions or information given. An exception to this is “session cookies”: These are saved on your computer during your internet session. They are deleted automatically when the browser is closed. They do not record any information from your computer.

  1. Data transmission/data logging

3.1. We can track information about the use of our websites. When you visit our website, the following data (“log-files”) is saved on our hosting service provider’s web server, and held there until it is automatically deleted:

  • The page from which our website was opened (“referrer”),
  • the content opened,
  • the date and time of the server enquiry and access,
  • the volume of data transferred,
  • access status (message whether the opening was successful, file transferred, file not found etc.)
  • a description of the type of web browser/identification data of the browser and operating system used,
  • IP address of the accessing computer.

This data cannot, however, be attributed to a specific person. Saving of the data is for system-related and statistical purposes.

  1. External links

On our websites, we use links to external sites, whose content is not on our server. The external content of these links was checked when the links were created. However, we cannot exclude the possibility that the content of the suppliers in question has been changed subsequently. If you find that the content from an external supplied breaches applicable law, please inform us.

  1. Your rights as an affected person: Information, correction, blocking and deletion

You have the right, at any time and free of charge, to receive hard-copy or electronic information about your personal data which we have stored. Moreover, you have the right to have any incorrect data corrected, and also to have your personal data blocked and deleted. This request for information and your wish for correction, blocking or deletion of personal data can be made either in writing to DMV Diedrichs Markenvertrieb GmbH & Co. KG, Dieselstrasse 3-7, 31812 Bad Pyrmont or by email to datenschutz@dmv-py.de